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Millies Litter sold out

Sold out

Millie has had a litter of 7 puppies in 2009

Millie has a litter of 7.

Ellie's litter of 6

Ellie has had a litter of 2 dogs and 4 bitches.

Lucy's Puppies

Lucy's puppies are due in January 2010

Adur Stream Gun Dogs

We breed German Shorthaired Pointers...

Personality and Character

The German Shorthaired Pointer has a strong desire to please in all the things he does, he can easily double as a family watchdog, household companion or all around gundog. He is noted for his affection throughout the household, not just directed to one person. When raised with a family, he is a good family companion and loves nothing better than being with the family on your furniture, or even better on your lap. You have to decide from the time you bring him home as a puppy as to what the boundaries are with regard to allowing him on the furniture and stick to it. He is intelligent and learns quickly. However, if you are considering purchasing a German Shorthaired Pointer you should bear in mind that they are a sporting dog. They have been bred to be energetic. Hunting is the Shorthair's joy!

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